Ninja’s And Mirrors

A while back I wrote a post about my forgetting how to dream. It may not sound as frightful as I’d written it to be however as an entrepreneur and as a person who believes thoroughly in living my best life its imperative to keep my dreams vivid and in full view. Losing touch of my dreams means I have nothing to strive for and work towards and not having that means no motivation to get up daily and pursue, push and press on. Hell on earth comes in various forms and one of them is tottering every day without a grand vision. Something worthwhile to you that’ll be a reward for all your hard work. It is important and necessary to dream.


I’m glad to say that I am back from the place where dreams go to die and I’m clutching my technicolor buoyant dreams like balloons in my hand. I will not let them fly away so easily next time. But now that I have them firmly in my grasp again, I am very quickly realising why it was so easy to let them go in the first place. At every turn there seems so be waiting a ninja with lightning fast kung fu moves all aiming at popping my precious dreams!


I’m not even talking about the tiny pin that’s usually efficient enough to get the job done. Uh-uh, I’m talking nuclear war heads launched from behind ‘caring words’, phangas that could be mistaken for smiles and the ever looming sound of the clock. Tick bloody tock. Just the other day I heard a feint tick-tock coming out of a loved ones mouth and lucky for me ( because of years of training from constant questions of what I was doing with my life, when I’d be getting married – to a man, children, a ‘real’ job) I reached out towards the ticking clock and told it that the ticking it heard was not for me, but for itself. That seemed to do the trick.


Clocks People love to mirror their fears onto you. Case in point, an entrepreneur will never ask another entrepreneur when they’ll be getting a ‘real’ job because they understand that their passion which also happens to be their job is very real. But a person who is unhappily sitting at their desk with fears on one shoulder and resentment on the other will be the first to ask you when you’ll be doing _______. It’s not because they care, no, its because your doing what you love is rubbing them up the wrong way, reminding them that they aren’t. You’re a mirror, reflecting what they should be doing back to them and so they counter your shine with their fears.

I’ve found that it works like a charm for those who ask me about time and children and job and and and is to ask them about theirs. I love watching them cringe. Too busy in my business to take care of their own. It’s the classic switcheroo. Try it next time someone asks you a ‘when’ question. Or even a ‘what’ and a ‘why’ question. Then come back here and tell me all about it.

High Fives You…

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