Letter To My Future Wife

Today I have no idea who you are or when you are coming. I dream of it though, and imagine how wonderful it will be. I have been extremely patient waiting for you. This is a trait I promise to carry for the rest of our lives.

I understand why it is taking so long for you to get here, I had a lot of soul searching to do. You too had your own life to deal with. I know it won’t be long now. We will come together at a perfect time, to create the perfect balance.

I already feel your presence, you have no name and no exact face. But you are near. I know I am probably not worthy of the amazing things you are, but I will love you. I will cherish you and always honor you. You my love will be my best friend and my lover. I will be your number one fan.

You will never know exactly who I was before we met, the reality of it you would never believe. Our stories are our own, but they will collide. In that moment, who we were will no longer matter. I have changed my life in preparation for you and all of the great things we will share. I look forward to our journey and continue to wait patiently for it to begin.

In the meantime, I prepare my heart to open up to let you in. Everyday I let go of more things so I am ready for you should you arrive. I look at strangers and wonder if you are among them. It is you my love that inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. It is you that encourages me to meet new people. You are the reason for so many things. Knowing you are coming has already made me a better person. I can only imagine the me I become when you show up, not so randomly.
From: Your Wife to be


This moving declaration was written by Ngwana Wa Tshwenya, a friend I met on facebook. I saw it on her profile and asked if I could feature it on the blog. I literally sobbed while reading it. I am deeply moved by the pure sincerity and the vulnerability it so openly shows. Beautiful!

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2 Responses to Letter To My Future Wife

  1. jkeeneshort says:

    Lovely! Thank you for posting.

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