Do you dumb yourself down?

Not the Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears kinda dumb because that kind you cannot fake.

I’m talking about the kind of dumb that only crops up when you feel you want to appear all feminine and lovely to your crush. I know I’m guilty.

I read a shitload. Not just books, but not just magazines either. I love reading other peoples blogs and one of my favourite pass times is surfing the net. I can do that the entire day and never get bored. I’m very well read and my intelligence shows it. I’m a smart cookie.

That being said, I don’t necessarily show that I am when I wanna be liked by someone. Whether its wanting to be a friend or more. If I have interests in you then I come at you on your level, which is usually not on par to mine. This is what I mean by dumbing myself down.

Why do I do it?
I didn’t at first, and found that women didn’t appreciate it. They didn’t like to be shown up, especially in the presence of desirable men. This left me friendless. Dating was also hampered because guys got intimidated by my big brain. Quite the dilemma. So to fit in, I dumbed down. Stupid move. I got sucked into circles that I felt I didn’t belong in. I dated guys who thought they’d snagged a pretty doll and felt cheated as soon as my brain peeked out from behind the pink curtain. Its been quite the mess!

Luckily, all my foolishness is behind me. I’ve left all those circles, and am now looking for friends who can meet me at my level. And I revealed my brain much sooner (than previous relationships) to my girlfriend. She’s still here, so whadya know?

I can’t not be myself, my soul gets ill. Besides, faking me takes more effort than just being myself.


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