Breaking up is so easy!!!

It’s the 21st century and its become so much easier to replace everything.

Including the partner whom you shared dreams and aspirations with, all because you’ve reached a tough break. They don’t hit you no, its not that. The pink phase of your love has evaporated and is replaced instead by cold, stark real life with all its garish colours and its less than perfect smell. Gone is the jasmine scented never ending day dream.

People are too fickle – in general. Its become even more evident in the love department where relationships end at a drop of a hat. No one fights to stay in love anymore. I instead encounter page after page of advice stating that love isn’t supposed to be hard. I’m sorry? Which alternate universe are you spawn from? Love hurts a shitload! You’ve let your guard down and revealed your softest parts nd in conflict, its only natural for your partner to want to poke at your vulnerability because (usually due to a misunderstanding) they feel you’ve poked theirs too. And so it begins and continues and replays.

Bottomline is: very few people are READY to do the work that it takes to maintain a healthy relationship. I come with abandonment issues, daddy issues and low self esteem, you come with rejection issues, single mothers guilt issues and your dependent mother who can’t live if living is without you. Put that all into a large sauce pan, add losing a job and financial woe and one of you is already packing a bag.

Life happens in relationships!!!

Now go back and re-read the above statement again.

Ego’s flare, pride rears its ugly head. Children get born, parents die. C’est la vie. How many beds do you need to be thrown out of or leave willingly before it dawns on you that life ain’t going anywhere baby?? When your life changes, change with it. When your LOVE changes, GROW with it. Its so easy to get a partner, but keeping one? Now THAT will show you your mother. But I dare you, I dare you to stay and put in the work. Because honestly? That’s when the REAL love emerges.


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