Well it sure took some time to write??! But I had to do some living 1st, so I could have something interesting to tell you about.

I turned 30 even before I could add the numerical value onto my age. It’s been that kind of year, what with all the tsunami’s that had me wishing to meet my maker and the lovely waves carrying me to levels of pure joy. I loved every moment! Ok, not so much, but see I believe in life lessons and I’m under the notion that in order to move to the next phase of your life, you need to have “passed” or learnt your present lessons.

This is my journey of promotion and the prize for myself would be just a little bit of everything…

I want it all. Love, career and passion! Throw in a bouncing baby boy for good measure and we’re ready to rock 🙂

Everything happens for a GOOD reason right?


Ps: My birthday was great! YAY 30!

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